Welcome, welcome August. It’s so nice to see you again. This month, I have a lot of big things happening! I put together this small vision board and a bigger mood board over on Pinterest to provide myself some monthly clarity.

This month I’ve been feeling a lot of good vibes. August is always an active month for me. Leo season is invigorating. I’m in a rush to get things started and going, and I feel like I’m bouncing from one idea to the next. On my vision board, there’s a peace sign. Despite all the active, fun energy, I worry about being overwhelmed. I hope to maintain and keep a sense of inner peace.

Next, there are books. This is because I am going back to school. I decided that it was time for me to take my love of self-care to the next level. I am going to work hard to become a doctor. However, before I become a doctor, I am going to work on becoming a nurse. This school semester, I will be in a CNA class so that I can later get into the RN program. In Illinois, you have to be a certified CNA first. I will be cramming all the science classes I can muster while hopefully finding nursing work. As for the doctor side of things, I am hoping to be a dermatologist.

Next to the books, there is a woman in a bra holding flowers. I’ve come to see flowers as a representation of female sexuality. This particular image on my vision board represents my developing relationships and my relationship with sexuality. Owning my sexuality is very empowering and important to me. That empowering feeling is partially why I am drawn so strongly to Lilith. August has a lot of shifting relationships in store for me.

The poppy is another sexuality reference. It stands alone and proud in the field. It represents boldness to me. Boldness in knowing what I want and need in relationships. It shows confidence.

The last two images kind of go together. I am very anxious about how Bellechime the blog is going to do. I am very anxious about finding blog topics, researching those topics, and potentially being wrong. These images represent my desire to do well in blogging and running a blog. I’ve never had a well-read blog of any kind. I’m very shy and introverted, and I am super anxious. I feel like with Bellechime I am putting myself out in the world in a way I haven’t done so before. I’ve been very careful, but it’s also time to let it go! August is the month of Bellechime!

Lastly, the color red. If you check out the mood board I made you will see a lot of red! Red is a firey, passionate color that I want to work with this month. I am going to be using red to work towards my more ambitious goals. In color psychology, red is associated with action, passion, and strength. I want to be all of those things this month as I move forward. It also fits with a feeling of decadence that I’ve been experiencing. Leo season, red, and decadence go together. I feel powerful, energized, and ready to take on the world.

What’s your August mood? Let me know in the comments!