Sometimes I hear songs that automatically think of the goddess.  Some songs are obvious with lyrics that say “right now, we’re free. Nowhere we want to go back.” Which for me seems to be a reference to Lilith story about leaving the garden of Eden.  It also lends itself to the Lilith story of her refusing to leave the wilderness and having her sacred tree cut down. She chose freedom. Other songs are less obvious. I’ve included my two favorite songs that help me get into the Lilith space and explanations.

Apocalyptica – Not Strong Enough

Features Brent Smith from Shinedown – Released:  2010

(My cat always bites me when I sing along to this song.)

I started with this one because I feel like it’s the hardest one to explain.  Some people interpret this song as about abuse, but I was able to connect this to religion, taboo, and what I was raised as right and wrong.  In the dying breath of efforts to save my Christianity, I actually converted to Catholicism.  This song makes me re-feel that turmoil.  How on the day of my confirmation, I cried because I felt wrong, and that I didn’t actually believe what I was about to say I believed.  It also reflects my new relationship with Lilith.  I wasn’t strong enough to stay away.  In Her presence, my heart finally feels peace.  I’ve been brought to my knees.  “My soul surrenders.”

Gain – Paradise Lost

Kpop – Released:  2015

This one seems a bit more obvious than the last one.  I’ve included the music video to help provide visual clues, and there are also subtitles for non-Korean speakers.  In the music video, it makes a point of saying “two women” which instantly impacted my view of the lyrics.  It’s as if Lilith the snake is tempting Eve.  She says in the lyrics “you’ve done nothing wrong” and I take this to mean in reference to accepting Lilith’s temptation.  Lilith is the lost diamond that offers the lost paradise of free will.  The lyrics then go on about being free and having no place she wants to go back to.  There is also obvious sexual undertone in these lyrics that also give it another meaning.  Sexuality and freedom to love are also themes throughout this song and the entire album this song is from.  Regardless of interpretation, however, the references of free will being paradise are obvious.  This is something I link strongly to Lilith.

These songs always put me in a thinking mood about Lilith, her stories, and her place.  It makes me want to praise her all the more.  Let me know what you think.  What songs bring to mind Lilith?  What songs make you think of your path?