The milk bath originally caught my attention because I’m a skin care advocate. It’s true. I’m all for natural, easy solutions for my skin. Plus milk baths looked luxurious to me. I would see photos of women in bathtubs surrounded by flowers and crystals, and I thought it was stunning. After looking enviously at those pictures, I gathered my roses, my cup of milk, and had a nice milk bath. The results may surprise you.

The Claims

Good for skin

Helps with relaxation

Soothes skin irritations

how I Did it

I followed the K.I.S.S method for my milk bath. AKA Keep it simple stupid. I lit a myrrh incense, brought amethyst and obsidian with me, rose petals, and a full glass of milk. When the water was about where I wanted it, I dumped in the milk and hopped in. Nothing complicated and no extra ingredients. It was just me and the milk.

sadly, not actual photos of my milk bath.

The Verdict




For me, the effects of the milk bath seemed very short lived. I had a day or so where my skin felt softer, and my hair was nicer. It was really nice while it lasted. 

Milk does contain some fatty acids in it that’s good for your hair, skin, and nails but it’s not a miracle cure. If my results are typical, you’d have to indulge in a milk bath daily to get the skin benefits. However, that’s not to say it doesn’t live up to some of the other claims I found on the internet.

Relaxation – we all need a little more. I agree that the milk bath is 100% relaxing. I am skeptical it’s because it’s a “milk bath.” Or an effect of bathing in milk. I am more inclined to believe it’s because you’re treating yourself to something.

All things considered, I felt amazing when I got out the bathtub. There’s something relaxing about laying in a tub and knowing that you’re soaking in all the good benefits. A definite mood enhancer. It really brightened the rest of my day.

As for skin irritations, does it help? Yes, but it’s only temporary. I went into my milk bath with multiple mosquito bites and a burn from a little earlier in the day. I remember thinking “I don’t itch or hurt.”

The itchiness has returned but the burn is still tamed down. This claim seems to be about 50/50.

Ultimately, I think milk baths provide an excellent form of ritual especially for some self loving. I encourage doing it once every two weeks or so on a pay day or a day you need it. I’ve included a self-love and love ritual below so check it out!

Self Love Ritual

The Ingredients

  • 1 8oz cup of milk
  • 1 rose head worth of petals
  • Purification incense of your choice

Milk used with roses promotes success in love, attraction, and friendship. If you’re not looking for love outside yourself, there’s no reason you can’t use it for a self-love ritual. Treat yourself. Love yourself. Love your goddess. If you happen to follow goddesses associated with love or lust, this can also be a great time to honor them as you honor your body.

When bringing together your bath, pour in the milk and give the water a stir clockwise for good luck and abundance. Use the petals of at least one rose to promote good relationships, especially in the romantic sector. Lastly don’t forget a purifying incense or palo santo wood to clear up your space and make your intentions the most obvious in the room.

I don’t normally recite incantations, as I prefer a more spur of the moment approach. Speak to your goddess and deities openly in a way that they want to be spoken to in. If there is a hurt that’s been keeping you from loving yourself, speak it aloud. This is a time to cleanse.